Tesla Semi Trucks are back in California after travelling across the US

After their first official zero-emission cargo run last month, one of Tesla’s two electric semi truck prototypes set out on a trip around the country.

Now, both prototypes have been spotted back in California doing runs with trailers again.

We have been tracking the Tesla Semi test program and the automaker is now deep into testing its electric trucks and we are starting to see them more and more ahead of the start of production next year.

A month ago, Elon Musk announced that Tesla Semi was setting out on its first cargo trip with battery packs from Gigafactory 1 to Fremont factory. Tesla already said that carrying cargo between its two factories would be the first use of the Tesla Semi trucks and Musk referred to the automaker’s logistic costs to carry cargo between the two locations as “gigantic”.

The two prototypes made it back to Fremont a few days later and one of them, the grey one, has since been spotted around the Midwest.

It was first spotted in St-Louis where it visited Anheuser-Busch, the brewer behind Budweiser who also ordered 40 Tesla Semi trucks last year. The stop at the company gave us our closest look at a Tesla Semi electric truck prototype and its electric motors yet.

A few days ago, it was spotted in Oklahoma and it created a little controversy on its way there when it stopped on the side of the road.

In just over a week, the same Tesla Semi prototype made it all the way to Dallas, Texas –  a few hundred miles south.

Now it’s back in California with the other Tesla Semi prototype and they are now back to testing with trailers attached.



source: electrek.co/guides/tesla-semi/

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